Friday, July 13, 2012

Comment: China's state TV's another double standard/中国中央电视台的又一套双重标准


1, China's CCTV's decision to cover up the genitals of Michelangelo's masterpiece David demonstrated again the media's ignorance and stupidity.

2, Controlled by the government, CCTV regarded itself as a pure god and the people as ignoramus ones who need to be educated all the time, even the attitude on how to deal with sex. One of CCTV's important missions is to control the public mind on behalf of its political propaganda.

3, CCTV's decision to blur the genitals of David derived from the communist traditional "spiritual purity demand". Communist has regarded sex as an obstacle to revolution and thus to be dirty, so sex needed to prohibited owing to the higher pursue: the world's revolution.

4, However, the audience all knew the present communist party's corruption and how the governmental officials kept mistresses, which has been a familiar topic to the public, but none of the officials' case was reported by CCTV, except they failed in the internal political fights. This was CCTV's double standards, the way it has followed since its foundation.

BEIJING: Revealing its prudish side, state-run China Central TV this week blurred the genitals of Michelangelo's masterpiece David during a programme on an art festival in Beijing, where the sculpture is on full view for those visiting the exhibition.


The 15th century marble statue is among 67 masterpieces by renowned artists, mostly famous works from the Renaissance period, which have been brought to Beijing as part of the 100th anniversary celebrations of the National Museum of China. CCTV covered the genitals with a digital mosaic while broadcasting images from the museum on Monday morning.

CCTV's decision to treat the Italian master's 17-foot work, which was flown down from a Florence museum, like porn material spread like wildfire over Chinese internet almost immediately. The TV station reacted quickly to the criticism and removed the digital mosaic in its Monday evening bulletin, which showed the statue as it is.

But interest in the CCTV move continued with several thousands of people speculating about why this was done. Sina micro blogs that follow the Twitter pattern reported that searches with keywords, "CCTV adds mosaic to statue" became the third most important search on Tuesday.

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